Open Heart Talisman Necklace

Open Heart Talisman Necklace


- Blue Chalcedony, Blue Boy Variscite, Sterling Silver, 14KT Gold


- Blue Chalcedony and Variscite come together with Sterling Silver and an accent of 14KT Gold. This beautiful piece emits a soothing and gentle energy. This necklace was made to be worn with the Variscite Love Earrings, a match made in Heaven.      

  • Materials

    - Blue Chalcedony

    - Blue Boy Variscite 

    - Variscite stone mined and cut by lapidary artists Richard and Helen Shull

    - Blue Chalcedony cut by lapidary artist Shram

    - Pendant measures .75" at it's widest point and 1.75" long

    - Sterling Silver components

    - 14KT Gold accent

    - Satin finish  

    - 16" - 18" chain

    - One of a kind

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