Triple Turquoise Bolo Tie


- Hubei Turquise, Sterling Silver, and leather 


- Three large, beautiful Turquoise stones are surrounded by three layers of Sterling Silver in this timeless and unique, one of a kind bolo tie.          

  • Materials

    - Bolo measures 2.25 inches long and 1 inch wide at its widest point

    - Natural Hubei Turquoise cut by Johnson Lapidary out of Tucson, AZ

    - Sterling Silver surrounds the Turquoise stones

    - Sterling Silver bolo tips  

    - Bolo tips hang 2.75 inches long

    - Bolo tie slide is premade out of Nickel 

    - Satin finish  

    - Black leather

    - With tips included, bolo tie measures 46 inches long  

    - One of a kind


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