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Gentle Truth Talisman

Gentle Truth Talisman


- Natural Royston Turquoise, Sterling Silver, 14KT Gold


- A stunning talisman made of 7 Royston Turquoise stones surrounded by layers of Sterling Silver with accents of 14KT Gold. This powerful piece reminds us of the srength and truth that lies within us. This necklace looks lovely with the Turquoise Delight Earrings.        

  • Materials

    - Pendant hangs 3" from the chain

    - Natural Royston Turquoise (Nevada mine)

    - Stones cut by lapidary artists Richard and Hellen Schull

    - Sterling Silver components

    - 14KT Gold accents

    - Satin finish  

    - Hand made clasp on a chain that can be worn at 16", 18", and 20"   


    - One of a kind

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