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I design and hand-make jewelry because I believe the adornments I create can bring happiness and significance to wearer.  I enjoy the process of starting with hard shapeless metals, a beautiful stone, an idea, emerging with a delicate, timeless piece of jewelry that can be handed down through generations. There is a story behind every design, making each piece unique and special.


My background is in restoration ecology with native plants. After college I managed a 50 acre native plant nursery in Northern California with a focus on riparian, wetland and dune habitats. It was my dream job at the time. I collected seed, which we grew into the specimen's that were planted in mitigation and restoration projects. I would also run and work alongside the crews during installation. for multiple reasons, life took some major twists and turns, and now, I am a full time metalsmith.  


Nature inspires many of the designs that I create.  Whether a sunset sky, wings of a moth, a wild flower found in a mountain meadow, or the ocean waves, the colors and textures that I find in nature are at the root of my work.  The gems and minerals that I work with also help drive and change my designs.   Whether it is the colors or shapes of the stones, or their metaphysical properties, there is intention put into each piece about how the design might help aid the wearer energetically, physically, or symbolically.


My love of jewelry started when I was a child. My grandparents and Father made jewelry as a beloved past time, and I was stringing beads with my Grandmother from a very early age.  In my studio, I am surrounded by old hand tools, turquoise cabochons cut by my Dad and Grandfather, and strings of beads, all handed down to me from my family.  


I enjoy working with gems, minerals, and shells of all shapes, sizes, and color.  Sterling silver is the dominant metal in my work, but I love the depth and texture that is created when metals are mixed.  I use many different techniques in my work including soldering, wire wrapping, different types of stone setting, and forging.  

All of my jewelry is hand made by me in my little home studio. All of my designs are one of a kind.  As there is endless inspiration found in nature, there are also endless possibilities in the realm of creation, so I am always seeking to learn new techniques to apply to my work.

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